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If you are new to The Healthy Skin Shop, welcome. This is a place where great skin is closely intertwined with vibrant health, and where we help you on your quest to achieving both. In our opinion, growing great skin is an internal affair, and while it may take some time, and is definitely more work, the end result is true and unfakable beauty. We would settle for nothing less.

Here at The Healthy Skin Shop we don't think of skin as a topical affair. While we endorse and promote some outstanding topical treatments for skin, we believe a more comprehensive approach to skin care is the best way to achieve not only radiant, glowing skin but optimal health as well. It's the real deal, and there is no faking it, at least not for long.

Eyes may be the mirror of your soul, but the skin is a reflection of your inner chemistry. If you don't like the message your skin is delivering, truly solving the problem involves delving deeper into the body chemistry. Rebalancing your body chemistry, which in the vast majority of situations can be done naturally and inexpensively, can deliver not just glorious skin, but improved energy and vitality, and take you one step closer to optimal health.

Let's face it, skin is an organ. You grow it from the inside. If you are not chemically and hormonally balanced, your skin will very possibly offer you proof of that. The best way to rebalance body chemistry: through diet and nutritional supplementation.

Truly fabulous skin, well into your mature years, is a product of health and self-pampering. By self-pampering I don't mean a day at the spa, however wonderful that is. I mean making choices every single day that reflect your commitment to yourself, to your body, to fuel it, care for it and keep it in great shape. I am no Queen of Quick Fixes. But the results you will get with my guidance are longlasting, and quite frankly, priceless.

Diet is a lot like chemistry. We now understand that certain foods cause chemical changes in our bodies that may enhance skin and health, or impede it. While the same "diet" won't necessarily work for everyone, there are still some ground rules that improve matters for most. Check out our dietary tips for optimal health and great skin.

The most singularly important substance that drives the force behind the body's own purifying and healing abilities is WATER! I am honored to introduce a cutting edge discovery, Revitalized Structured Water Concentrate, that will help you rapidly hydrate your system in a very ecomonic way! Check out this new discovery and learn how it can help clear your skin and improve your health!

Optimal health and vitality and fabulous skin is impossible without a hearty, daily intake of the essential Omega-3 fats. The place to start: Flax Seed Oil. This incredible supplement is a must for all skin types, and will keep your skin glowing well into the advanced years if used correctly. Up until recently, I couldn't endorse fish oil supplements because of the questionable health of our fish (both wild and farm-raised). That has all changed since I found a fabulous new product, Eskimo-3 Natural Stable Fish Oil Supplement, the purest fish oil I have found yet, which delivers a potent dose of Omega-3's. The over-the-counter stuff just doesn't compare, sorry to say. I take a good number of supplements daily, but if I could only take one, this would be it.

The most venerated formulas for re-building strong, firm skin and reducing sun-induced pigmentation include Vitamin C, Retinol , Glycolic Acid and Co-Enzyme Q10 and the newest kids on the block, Firming Peptides. Each of these have a special purpose for the skin, be it antioxidant protection, improved cellular turnover or thickening the cellular matrix that creates skin -- each in its own right contributes to younger looking, glowing and even-toned skin.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE THE VERY SAME FORMULATIONS USED BY THE MOST NOTABLE DERMATOLOGISTS AND SPAS THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY! The difference here is that you will have them delivered to your door and pay much less for them! All skin-care products come with a 30-day GUARANTEE, or your money back. More importantly, I don't promote anything I don't use myself and truly believe in.

In addition, for orders within the United States, regardless of the size of the order, a flat shipping rate of $6.95 will apply.

The path to fabulous skin is not the same for everyone, so you may need some personal attention. Count on us for support and professional, personalized advice in your quest to defy aging and build perfect skin.

We were all born with perfect skin. Therefore, it is your birthright! You know it is possible to have perfect skin, because you once did (however long ago), and the reality is that your body is capable of building strong, clear, radiant skin, if you let it! Sometimes the question is not what to do, but rather what NOT to do! Some of the habits we engage in daily, even those that seem harmless, are erecting barriers to uncovering radiance and beauty.

Beautiful skin is by no means just a woman thing! Men’s Skin needs attention, just as much as Women's skin. Congratulations to all the men out there who care about how they look and do something about it! Simple but effective skin products is key, and here you will find just that!

If you are looking for some advice, don't hesitate to e-mail. Suggestions, from a licensed skin care specialist and/or certified nutritional consultant, will include supplementary or dietary changes along with product recommendations.

Stop making excuses, if you don't take care of yourself no one will. Life is basically just one big work in progress, so why not start today?


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The Healthy Skin Shop respects the privacy of its customers. We do not sell, rent, or loan the identities or any other personal and identifiable information regarding our customers to any third party. Any information you give us is held with the utmost care and security, and will not be used in a manner to which you have not consented. ©All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. DISCLAIMER: All material provided in The Healthy Skin Shop website is provided for educational purposes only. Consult your own physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition.

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